Our TeenCoder: Java Programming courses can be used as part of a self-study program for the Advanced Placement1 "Computer Science A" exam given by the College Board. This page contains important information and updates about that exam.

The exam requirements have changed, starting in the 2014-2015 school year (for exams given in May, 2015). The changes include:

  • The GridWorld case study has been dropped in favor of three new labs (Magpie, Picture Lab, and Elevens).
  • The three new labs are not specifically tested on the exam, but show the type of questions students may face.
  • Minor alterations or enhancements were made to specific topics (e.g. arrays).
  • The exam description was reworded and contains a differently formatted outline.

The College Board restricts access to the Magpie, Picture Lab, and Elevens labs to registered teachers that have completed the course audit process. Any homeschool or individual parent can register with the College Board as a teacher and supply our pre-approved course syllabus to receive the lab material.

Our online Java Programming course already contains all updates and additional study aids for the AP exam. We recommend new students considering the AP exam use our online course for the most integrated experience.

For more information, please read our Preparing for the AP Exam guide!

You may continue to use your 2013 TeenCoder: Java Programming 2nd Edition printed course to study for the exam, but should incorporate the changes and lesson updates listed below. The documents on this page supercede earlier versions found in your course Student Menu.

If you wish to complete the College Board course audit process, you can:

To prepare for the AP Exam, all students should:

The online TeenCoder: Java Programming course incorporates all recent AP Exam requirement changes and lesson updates!

If you wish to complete the College Board course audit process, you can:

To prepare for the AP Exam, all students should:

  • Review the AP Exam Cross Reference (Online) to understand how required topics are met
  • Complete all chapters in the online course.
  • Optionally, complete the GridWorld case study chapter for extra practice.
  • Use review exams published by the College Board and other 3rd parties as practice.

You may wish to read this article about taking the AP CS A exam.

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