Our new Survey of Computer Science course is great for summer programs, after-school workshops, small group study, and any-time exploration by students who want to learn introductory coding skills!

This survey course is not a pre-requisite for any other KidCoder or TeenCoder course. It is ideal for students with limited time or those that want an easy, hands-on introduction to computer science outside of a graded classroom.

This course requires a Windows or Mac OS computer; click here for full system requirements.

Survey of Computer Science (Online Course)

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This online course delivers 9 units with 4 lessons each. Individual lessons typically take about 1 hour, so this course will take 30 - 40 hours to complete.

Unlike our full year-long curriculum, this survey course does not contain graded components (e.g. quizzes and tests), and instructional videos are not included with every lesson.

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Topics include using text editors, file management, web browsers, simple website design with HTML, digital logic, simple Java programming with Greenfoot, and an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD).